Friday, May 20, 2011

Connect 4 Lunch free trial offer!

The Chamber is proud to offer Connect For Lunch as a business resource.

Take a moment to read what Ed Jackson, general manager of Security Systems of NE Indiana, has to say of his Connect for Lunch experience. It’s a great example of what it takes to earn likability, trust and respect which leads to business relationships: commitment and consistency.

Having attended Connect For Lunch since the very beginning (twice/month) I have found them to be both enjoyable and beneficial.

The small group (4) allows for a much more in-depth presentation of each company's assets and allows more time for questions and answers than the usual "mixer." The good will, potential leads, and camaraderie from these luncheons are more than enough to continue attending.

However, there have been leads that were generated by some luncheons that have lead directly to sales. Sales were generated because the CEO/President/Owner of companies kept us in mind and when they had need of our services were kind enough to call and ask for sales presentations, which, in turn lead to several sales and, in one case, to having my company be the exclusive supplier of future needs. Each follow-up phone call was from a luncheon at least 6 months earlier.

I highly recommend the Connect For Lunch program if for no other reason than the "getting out the story" of each company to the Fort Wayne community.

Ed Jackson
General Manager/Sales Manager
Security Systems of NE Indiana

Each Chamber member has a second free trial period available! Learn more and start your experiences at the Connect 4 Lunch web site.

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