Monday, August 9, 2010

Local Station Star 88.3 Expands

This is good news to those in the Noble and Steuben counties! Northeast Indiana Public Radio recently sold WCKZ-FM (91.3) in Orland as well as a related Fort Wayne translator to the Star Educational Media Network (pending approval from the Federal Communications Commission). Star Educational operates the local Christian radio station WLAB-FM (Star 88.3 - a Chamber member) but has been limited in their broadcast reach, until now. 

Star 88.3’s use of WCKZ-FM will allow the network to reach audiences in places such as Noble county, Steuben county, and even some parts of southern Michigan. Currently the station’s signal fades at Auburn in DeKalb county. The purchase of WCKZ-FM gives the station an entire new demographic to which they can introduce their family-friendly music and encouraging message. Congratulations to Star 88.3 on their growth!

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