Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Feet on the Street: Chocolate and Ping Pong Tables

by Teresa Royer, Member Relations Specialist

Most people I know felt the sting when the economy took a hit a few years ago and had to take a good, long look at their house-hold budgets and learn where the money was going and how they could cut costs.

I encourage you to check out any Aldi store, I know I did.  I thought, “hey, I’ll check it out and see what they have.”  To make a long story short, I at once included Aldi in my grocery shopping habits.  Guys, they not only have great prices but very good and unique items too.

A favorite of mine is their “Fit & Active” brand – they carry many, many items such as string cheese, yogurt, granola bars, frozen dinners, etc.  (You get the picture.)  They also have flavored water that became a hit among my co-workers for a while.  I’ve taken a few of my co-workers on field trips to Aldi before.  Karen like’s their sweet pickles, Laureen and Joanna like the water.  I’ve given Maribeth a granola bar to sample……

I was also introduced to the idea of using cloth shopping bags at Aldi –  This makes me feel like I’m helping the environment too, not to mention it’s very convenient.

In addition, I learned at a recent ribbon cutting at their new store on Lima Road that their chocolate is very unique and is made in their own chocolate factory in Austria.

Aldi also has a pretty cool section of non-food items – that usually go with the seasons –  Would you believe, I’ve done some birthday and Christmas shopping there.  Yep, I’ve bought a deer blind for a family member that’s a deer hunter and I also bought a ping-pong set – my kitchen table was converted to a ping pong table last Christmas. 

To learn more about Aldi, visit their Web site at

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