Tuesday, June 8, 2010

City and County Co-Location Nears Fruition

We’d like to say cheers to the City and County - co-location received votes of approval from the County Commissioners on Friday, which was one of the last steps toward finalizing the agreement. The Mayor has now to add a signature. The plan is for the City and County to occupy space together in the Renaissance Square Building as well as in the City-County Building. The Commissioners signed an agreement detailing the responsibilities of the City and County as the process moves forward.

The agreement stated that the City will assist in finding ample parking for the County employees and the City will seek $1 million to go to the County toward public safety-related space renovations. The Chamber and our members have been working hard to make our voice heard, encouraging City-County co-location every step of the way. Why? Because it’s a giant step towards greater government efficiency, which ultimately benefits both businesses and individual taxpayers.

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