Monday, June 13, 2011

Chamber urges action on permitting plan

As published in today's Journal Gazette:

The Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce is in support of the current permitting and routing improvement proposal. We are encouraged with the steps taken by our local officials to streamline the permit process. This level of cooperation is both positive and necessary for marketing the advantages of locating or expanding a business in our community. However, city and county officials have been studying the permit process for more than a year, and it is time to act now.

Improving the permitting and routing process is an essential economic development tool for our area. We have heard numerous stories from our members and from local economic development organizations about the arduous procedures and inefficiencies in the current process that have hampered their growth and discouraged future investment and job creation. This improvement is imperative in order to streamline the system and help business growth. The city and county will not be signing a blank check. The proposal includes benchmarks to track the progress, transparency of the task force, and oversight by both appropriating councils.

Economic development does not wait. During the mayor’s press conference on this issue, he said, “The welcome mat is out for investment and job creation in Fort Wayne and Allen County. We know time is money, so we are committed to making it easier for businesses to prosper in Fort Wayne.”

The Chamber believes this proposal will help continue to build and strengthen our community. I, on behalf of my members, encourage our local officials to take immediate, swift action and set the wheels in motion for continued growth and investment in our economy.

MICHAEL S. LANDRAM President/CEO Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce

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