Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chamber member Qui's featured in JG column

Thanks to Frank Gray, columnist for The Journal Gazette, for his recent column about Qui’s (pronounced weez) Restaurant and how The Chamber was able to help with a perplexing address problem.

Here's a excerpt:

Then Phan got a couple of calls, one from a friend and one from a customer. If they used a GPS unit to try to find his restaurant, or if they looked up the address on any of the various online map services, such as Mapquest, Yahoo Maps or Google Maps, the directions led them to the wrong place.

In fact, GPS devices brought Phan’s customers to a spot where another restaurant, a Chinese carryout with a similar name, stood.

It was befuddling for Phan, and he called the Chamber of Commerce for advice.

Read Gray's entire column here.

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