Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WANTED: Bad golfers and non-golfers for Chamber school

By Michelle Merritt, Vice President of Member Relations and Communication at The Chamber

They say business is done on the golf course. It’s networking at its very best: Enjoying a common interest at a beautiful location while getting some exercise. You do a little business, swing a club, hit the little ball, and move on. What’s not to love?

But for many of us, being asked to golf on a business outing is like asking us to perform our second-grade tap dance routine in front of our colleagues and friends. It’s not that we don’t enjoy outdoor sports. It’s simply that we’re bad or uneducated golfers. Many of us don’t even know if we like golf because when we play, we’re more worried about not making a fool of ourselves in front of those we respect or want to do business with.

The Chamber is here to change that!

The Chamber Golf School will take place on May 9 at Pine Valley Country Club. This afternoon golf school will teach you everything you need to know to keep from embarrassing yourself on the links. If you know which end of the club to hold, then these pros can help you with the rest.

The best part about Chamber Golf School — beyond the fabulous instruction — is that it’s happening right alongside our Links 4 Leaders outing.

Both groups will meet over lunch and for the awards reception at the end of the afternoon. You’ll have time to meet and mingle with business leaders without demonstrating your less-than-stellar abilities. While the Links 4 Leaders golfers will be out on the course, you’ll be learning the difference between a putter and a nine iron, what the difference is between a scramble and a shamble, and how to get that ball to go where you want it to go.

Register for the Chamber Golf School — or the Links 4 Leaders scramble — today!

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