Friday, March 11, 2011

FREE TRIAL: Build relationships with Connect 4 Lunch

By Teresa Royer, Member Relations Specialist

I have the pleasure of speaking with many Chamber members throughout each week in my membership role here at The Chamber. Since I find people very interesting anyway, it’s a natural fit for me.

I take true satisfaction in hearing the success stories of connections being made through various Chamber programs, Connect 4 Lunch being one of them.

As you may already know, a connection is between two people plus something else. It could be:
  • They have a shared interest in a hobby or sport
  • They have similar life experiences
  • They grew up in the same area of town or elsewhere in the country
  • They went to the same school
  • You get the idea

Connect 4 Lunch sets the stage for a connection to be made in order to build relationships and ultimately build business.

Now, the idea is not to go to a lunch just to sell your wares — you can get a reputation if you do that — but just to make connections. Because you never know who other people know and what life has in store for you just around the corner.

Stay tuned as I share some examples in the upcoming weeks of connections made through Connect 4 Lunch since it was launched (or lunched) just over a year ago.

To learn more about Connect 4 Lunch and to sign up for a free trial, click here.

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