Thursday, August 19, 2010

Melissa's Musings (a sneak peek into Government Affairs)

By Melissa Beber, Government Affairs Coordinator

Rather than focus on government today, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my fellow Chamber staffers for a job well done. Last week, the Chamber staff participated in United Way’s Day of Caring. It was a hot, hot day with lots of work to be done. Our project consisted of painting and landscaping at Memorial Park Middle School. I have to give it up to the Chamber team and our co-team, ITT Communications, because they accomplished a lot in a day. 

The front was landscaped (including pulling out poison ivy!) and trees were given fresh mulch around the trunk. The awning and front sign were given a face lift of red paint (one of the school’s colors). Safety wasn’t far from our minds with four great ladies painting the front and back curbs with bright yellow paint! The school looks amazing and the teachers were impressed. The dedication and enthusiasm from all those who participated is what made me sit back and say wow!

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