Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Indiana Tech Invites Businesses to Get Involved

Indiana Tech is turning out some excellent programs focused on student and career development. One new program they have created is called "Career Leadership Institute" (CLI), and it involves you - the businesses!

CLI is a fresh twist on the best events that bring employers together with students. The program is designed to meet the changing needs of employers and students. It’s a new type of career week, packed full with activities all focused on a specific group of degree programs for five days! Career Leadership Institute’s inaugural week is September 20 – 24, focused on students in the College of Business.  

There are a variety of ways businesses can get involved, with time commitments ranging from 50 minutes to two hours. Employers get to choose how they’d like to be involved. All events are completely free - no cost to participate. The week’s events include:

·         Monday - Resumania (speed resume reviewing)
·         Tuesday - Classroom Presentations
·         Wednesday – Classroom Presentations
·         Thursday – Career Day
·         Friday – Mini Etiquette Luncheon

Future dates for CLI are October 18 – 22 for Helping Professions and February 21 – 25 for Engineering/Computer Sciences. Employers who are interested in attending any of these events should contact Heather Burgette, Internship Coordinator/Career Advisor, at 260-422-5561 ext. 2304 or hrburgette@indianatech.edu.

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