Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In the Business of Second Chances

By Lauren Richwine, Communications Specialist

Chamber Member Blue Jacket Inc. believes that everybody deserves a second chance, specifically newly released prisoners. Walking back into the community after a short or prolonged period of imprisonment can make it difficult to put down roots. There’s employment to be considered, housing, education, and often caring for family. That’s where Blue Jacket steps in.

Each client of Blue Jacket’s has gone through an in depth process that includes training in necessary on-the-job soft skills, mentoring, timeliness, and more. Employers who hire through Blue Jacket are not only offering second chances, they are literally saving the state thousands of dollars by working to prevent repeat prison stays. The employer also has the assurance of no temp-to-perm conversion fees, competitive rates, immediate replacement, bonded employees, and up to $2,400 in tax credits possible.

Blue Jacket is responding to a vital need in the community and there are countless ways for you to get involved! As an employer you can look into hiring, as an individual you can look into volunteering. For more information on Blue Jacket or to look into participating, visit or call 260-744-1900. 

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