Thursday, August 12, 2010

"I'll have a salad to go with that lead, thank you"

One of the most common reasons businesses join the Chamber is to "make connections." That's why so many members have found one of our newest programs, Connect for Lunch, so valuable. Connect For Lunch enables you to spend an hour or more at lunch with three different Chamber members. This setting provides you the time to make personal connections with other professionals – build trust, swap referrals, and learn more about each other’s businesses.

Connect For Lunch does all of the work making arrangements for you, and lets you know ahead of time who you will be seeing for lunch so that you can walk in prepared with some conversation starters. You can have lunch appointments every week, or a few times a month, it's up to you. And all the while you are providing business to quality Chamber restaurants!

The best part is, every Chamber member has the opportunity to take advantage of a free trial. You can try out the program and see how it works, and then decide if want to proceed. Learn more about Connect for Lunch here, or contact Teresa Royer for more information. Before I leave you, here's what Ed Jackson of Bitec, Inc. had to say about Connect for Lunch: 

"I think the lunches are wonderful! They're not only enjoyable, but I feel they'll also be profitable. ...I'm also finding out how businesses can dovetail with other businesses." 

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