Monday, August 2, 2010

The Growch Coach Unveils Sales Training Program

You may have heard of The Growth Coach, a business coaching franchise system in North America, with an office led by owner Jim Wyrostek right here in Fort Wayne. The Growth Coach provides a variety of services to help small business owners expand and develop their business, and one of their most recent programs is called the "Sales Mastery Program." 

If you believe that your sales team can achieve even greater results, consider this program. Many salespeople don't utilize a proven sales process to uncover the buyer's real needs or provide tailored solutions to meet those needs. If your team often finds themselves unprepared and "winging" their process, then sales coaching and accountability can make a huge difference in their performance. Your team will learn a strategic, proven and repeatable selling process, receive ongoing coaching and accountability to improve and stay on track, learn to overcome selling fears, bad habits, and self-limiting mindsets, and much more! 

I've only scratched the surface here, but I wanted to say one more word about The Growch Coach. Jim has presented a workshop for the Chamber before, and we know firsthand the quality of his team. Also, to all you business owners and leaders out there, Jim also specializes in balance - not letting your work life overwhelm your personal life.

I highly encourage you to see what Sales Mastery is all about. For more visit or call (260) 969-0781.

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