Friday, July 2, 2010

The Savory Dish: A True Hometown Restaurant

By Lauren Richwine, Communications Specialist

Success is something restaurants crave even more than patrons crave their most popular menu item. For The Savory Dish, that craving has been more than filled since the day they opened in Georgetown Plaza, for both the patrons and the restaurant owners Arturo Salgado and Ivan Backes. Area residents welcomed the restaurant warmly by filling its tables and then sharing with others the news of the great new restaurant.

In fact, business has been going so well that The Savory Dish recently announced it would be serving dinner as well. Previously the establishment served only breakfast and lunch. In the restaurant industry it takes a mysterious blend of marketing, good food at even better prices, and a little magic to attain success. The Savory Dish has all that going for it and more.

“We provide homemade food,” said Salgado. “Our goal is to maintain a restaurant where we feed you like at home and treat you like family.” Some of the more popular items on the Savory Dish menu include a Philly steak, breakfast dishes that are served all day, soups, salads, and Brazilian specials like chicken wrapped in bacon and cooked on a bed of rice.

For more information about the Savory Dish, visit, email or call (260) 748-0874. Also, look for an article on the Savory Dish in next Friday’s edition of the Emphasis. Happy savoring!

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