Friday, July 2, 2010

Harrison College & Trine University Partner Up

Chamber members Trine University and Harrison College yesterday announced a partnership agreement between Trine’s School of Professional Studies (SPS) and Harrison College that includes a sharing of resources, facilities and complementary programs that will benefit all students pursuing a degree.

The agreement includes a two-plus-two arrangement whereby students can complete an associate’s degree at Harrison and then transfer to Trine to complete their undergraduate or graduate degree.

Through Trine’s Roadmap to Success program, Harrison associate degree grads with a 3.0-4.0 grade point average will be eligible for discounted tuition when they transfer into a bachelor degree program at any Trine SPS or Harrison College location. Trine academic advisers will assist transfer students in creating a projected plan with a guaranteed graduation date.

The SPS offers
 bachelor degrees in applied management; business administration with majors in accounting, management, healthcare and human resource management; criminal justice; emergency management; and psychology. In addition, a master degree in criminal justice will be available at most locations. 

Harrison College and Trine University have also agreed to share facilities and classroom space in several existing branch campus locations, and are exploring additional opportunities to serve in the state and nationwide. N
ew curriculum and degree offerings will also be jointly developed in the future, again to support the needs of students within their respective geographic locations.

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