Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Employers: Now is the Time to Find an Intern

Employers, are you in need of a little extra help at your business? We have an answer for you! Interns are an excellent way to bring energy, enthusiasm and skill into your organization. We've talked about our Graduate Retention Program before. Our staff in GR works to attract and maintain the best and brightest graduates to the region in order to fill high-skill, high-wage jobs for our employers. Not only does this keep buying power in our economy, it helps employers avoid costly national or international recruiting efforts.

The GR Program works to fulfill their mission by promoting internships - an inevitable win-win for the student and the the employer. College and high school students need valuable hands-on experiences to complete their education. They need to learn by doing. And employers, particularly in tough economic times, need talented help for projects. Internships can also save employers significant amounts of money if used as a recruiting tool (as we like to say - internships are the hiring wave of the future!).

So why bring this up now? Because now is the time to act! If you are an employer considering having an intern at your business, get started now. Contact our Graduate Retention staff at karnold@fwchamber.org or (260) 424-1435 and ask them how to get started. They will walk you through the process. Students are looking right now for the internships they will do in the fall semester. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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