Thursday, June 24, 2010

Citilink Debuts New Hybrid Buses

Citilink is embracing every chance it can to promote energy efficiency. They are celebrating the arrival of seven new Hybrid buses. The new transit vehicles run on a combination of ultra-low sulfur bio diesel fuel and Hybrid electric power. Hybrid electric buses offer cleaner and more fuel-efficient performance than conventional diesel buses. Citilink expects a 35%-45% fuel economy advantage. 

At current fuel prices, an annual savings of $8,689 is expected per bus. This coupled with reduced brake and transmission wear and maintenance expense result in significant operating cost savings. These funds can be redirected as additional resources to expand/maintain transit service.

Fort Wayne/Allen County has been declared an air quality non-attainment area. Hybrid buses are a proven method to reduce ozone and particulate matter to improve air quality. Vehicle manufacturer estimates indicate that 2010 hybrid electric buses are about 25 times cleaner in carbon dioxide emissions and 10 times cleaner in particulate matter emissions that the 1998 diesel engine buses that these new buses replace. 
Citilink also demonstrates commitment to reduce ozone by offering free fare service on Ozone Action Days, and participating in the Clean Air Force campaign.

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