Monday, May 2, 2011

Women’s Business Forum to Feature Local Leaders

The Women’s Business Forum is pleased to announce it will offer seven workshops led by local female business leaders at its third annual event, taking place Thursday, May 19, at Trine University.

In addition to a keynote address by international photojournalist Jamie Rose, the Forum will feature breakout workshop sessions on a variety of topics relevant to women in the workplace. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose and attend the workshops of greatest interest to them.

Michelle Gladieux, Gladieux Consulting
Powerful Presentation Skills
One of the best things you can do for your career is to polish your public speaking skills. Almost everyone gets nervous in front of a room of people, but with this workshop under your belt, you'll be more confident when it's your turn to speak at meetings, interviews, and social events.

Mayor Suzanne Handshoe, City of Kendallville
Value-Centered Leadership: From Serving in the Military to Serving as Mayor
Join Mayor Handshoe to discover how courage, honor, and commitment have served her in her journey from Marine Corps to Mayor of Kendallville, IN. In this presentation, she'll share some of the toughest challenges (including those stemming from gender bias) and joyful successes in her career to date.

Sharon Stroh, SE Resources
Failure as a Growth Step
This session is designed to address both personal and professional loss or failure, because really, if you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. You will learn that failing at something doesn’t make you a failure, and that recovery can be simpler than you expect.

Michelle Merritt, Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce
Keeping the "Social" in Social Networking
As women we’re experts at multitasking. We work hard to manage our work, home, personal, spiritual, and family lives all at one time. Social Networking is supposed to make that easier, but if you’re like many of us, it’s one more thing on our overflowing plates (which makes us want to add dieting to the to-do list). Join me for down to earth tips and techniques to help you keep the networking social without driving yourself crazy.

Dorian Maples and Ruth Force, Dorian Maples & Associates
TEMPO: Honoring Those in the Fullness of Their Life
Timing - Experience - Motivation - Place – Outcome. Is your TEMPO at ever increasing beats per minute? Beating faster, faster? Are you composing a symphony with your parents, children, grandchildren, and friends which is playing chaos? Take a deep breath. Lean back. Join us. In our world of technology and handling multiple roles, we will find techniques to reconnect. We will share ways to enjoy the TEMPO of your symphony - including your newest role, as a caregiver to your parents and grandchildren.

Sherry Shipley, PhD, Ketner School of Business, Trine University
Know Your Worth
Do you really know how much you are worth? For many women, knowing our worth and being justly compensated are two separate and distinct things. Being able to demonstrate our value and negotiate salary and benefits based on that value can be difficult if not down-right daunting! My goal for this session is to help you understand your value and give you practical ways to articulate your organizational worth.

Jane Schlegel, Brunswick Boat Group
Communication is the Path to Project Success
Communication is difficult enough in normal day to day activities, but when you find yourself in the role of project manager your skills as a communicator are really tested. Besides practicing using different communication styles, we'll discuss the communication advantages and disadvantages that we as women have.

In addition to the keynote speaker and workshops, the Forum will include networking opportunities, a catered lunch, door prizes, vendors, and more. Tickets are $35. For more information and to register, visit

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