Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet and Mingle with our Leads Groups

By Tom Reynolds, Leads Group Chairman, and Account Manager at Comprehensive Retail Solutions

Wednesday, April 20: Mark it on your calendar! It's another great opportunity to meet and visit with ALL of the Chamber of Commerce Leads Groups Presidents!

This is FREE. Love the sound of that word! It's open to anyone looking for value in business development resources and relationships! In these times, providing your business every opportunity to stand out and gain your fair share of business is crucial.

This venue affords a unique opportunity to "sample" each group, learn about their members and group makeup and assess which group might help your business the most. Leads Groups work for you if you get involved with them. An active Leads Group membership is a savvy way to help leverage business relationships, especially affinity marketing skills into a strong and steady sales increase.

But you need to get involved and we are excited and anxious to explain to you how our groups can do just that! Come meet us on April 20 from 8-10 a.m. at The Chamber, 826 Ewing St. Continental breakfast and coffee will be provided. Register online or call us at: 260-424-1435.

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