Friday, March 25, 2011

Connect 4 Lunch -- connect for business!

By Teresa Royer, Member Relations Specialist at The Chamber

We tell folks that attend Connect 4 Lunch that the idea is not to go and sell your wares, although sometimes it happens naturally. But what needs to happen first is for people to meet. That is where Connect 4 Lunch comes in.

Scott Love of Masters Heating & Cooling and Marsha Wulpi of JAM Impressions were part of a Connect 4 Lunch that took place in December at Azar’s Big Boy.

A certain rapport was discovered as well as a likability factor, and because nobody "sold their wares," they just talked about their businesses and other topics that flowed with the conversation.

As fate would have it, Masters Heating & Cooling would soon be in need for some promotional products for the upcoming Home & Garden show, which is a specialty of JAM Impressions. Because of the rapport and likability factor established, Scott felt comfortable making the arrangements to place an order with JAM Impressions.

In addition to this one piece of business, allow to me list the "ripple effect" that came from that fateful lunch:
  • Masters Heating & Cooling places order with JAM Impressions.
  • Marsha invites Scott Love to visit her Chamber Leads Group.
  • Scott joins Leads Group and has invited others to visit and more are joining.
  • Marsha gets quote from Masters for HVAC system and makes purchase.
  • While installers are installing system they see JAM Impressions workshop and witness T-shirts being produced.
  • One installer is a softball coach and needs T-shirts for his team, so he places an order.
  • Masters will soon be ordering T-shirts for work crew.
  • Masters referred an electrician to Marsha, and while submitting a quote, the representative witnessed T-shirts in the shop, and placed an order for his softball team!
Question: What would be the chances of Scott and Marsha meeting each other, if it wasn’t through the Chamber’s Connect 4 Lunch program?

Unsure if Connect 4 Lunch is for you? Get details about the free trial offer on the Connect 4 Lunch web site!

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