Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feet on the Street: All I want for Christmas

By Teresa Royer, Member Relations Specialist

One of the things I love about serving our members are the relationships that form. Members can become friends.

I met Brent Minnick, owner of Indiana Benefits Recovery in 2008, and have watched his business evolve and grow.

Brent’s company finds lost money due back to residents and businesses.

He recently shared a success story about funds for a client he and his staff, Chuck Kaduk and Deanna Charcalla, had been working very hard to secure — which ties in nicely with the season. Allow me to share it with you:

The client is a small Catholic church in Brazil, Indiana. Over ten years ago, spinster sisters died within 12 months of each other. Their life savings was left to the church, but got stuck in probate court. After more than sixty hours of research, IBR contacted the priest and began the recovery process.

Their diligence paid off, as the church received more than $76,000 bequeathed from the sisters! With a parish of only 150 families, the 150-year-old church will benefit tremendously from the windfall.

A press release on this story quotes Father Rightor as saying:

"We never would have known about this generous donation. I have only been here for a little over a year, and did not know the sisters personally."

And may I quote Tiny Tim from the classic movie, A Christmas Carol: "And God bless us, everyone!"

If you would like to read the complete press release on this story or learn more abut Indiana Benefits Recovery, check out the web site at Or you can contact Brent directly at (260) 241-3991 or

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