Friday, October 1, 2010

Feet on the Street: Best Buy Family

By Teresa Royer, Member Relations Specialist

I recently joined Best Buy Mobile in celebrating their grand opening in Glenbrook Square. I had the pleasure to meet not only the store manger, Katlin "Kat" Music, but his family as well – his Best Buy family and his real family.

Many of Kat’s peers from other stores were there to support and wish him success.  One definitely gets the sense that the Best Buy Team is team/family oriented by watching the camaraderie as they interact with each other.  They seem to truly support and want the best for each other (no pun intended).

I also met Kat’s other family that is, his parents, sister and even grandparents.  Mom, Dad, and grandparents are from Wabash - IPFW and St. Francis brought Kat and his sister to Fort Wayne.

Kat started working part-time at Best Buy while a student at IPFW.  I learned from talking with his parents that they treated him very well, and even offered benefits to him while on part-time status.  Kat graduated college and has chosen to build a career at Best Buy. I think that speaks for itself regarding how Best Buy treats their people.

They also are invested in our community as each store partners with a non-profit organization.  The folks at Junior Achievement were in attendance and were humbled by a check presented to them.

This led to a conversation on how the partnership between Best Buy Mobile and JA makes sense.  JA teaches youth the importance of discipline when it comes to spending resources be it “wants or needs.”  In the technological world we live in today, there is no escaping the need to include technology in that lesson.

Best Buy Mobile has a large variety of mobile phones and other cool “techie” equipment.  I encourage you to check them out next time you're in the market for this type of item.  Who knows, you may find a phone that you can’t live without, if your budget allows it of course.

You can learn more about Best Buy Mobile by paying them a visit inside Glenbrook near J.C. Penney or contacting them at:  (260) 482-5230.

BTW, Kat’s parents were joking that maybe the reason Best Buy took good care of Kat is for his name “Kat Music.” Kind of fitting for a Best Buy Manager, don’t you think?

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