Thursday, September 2, 2010

Japan, Germany, and Poland

What do all of those countries have in common? They all are countries with a sister city to Fort Wayne, Indiana! Takaoka, Japan; Gera, Germany; and Plock, Poland are all sister cities through Fort Wayne Sister Cities International (FWSCI). FWSCI works to promote international understanding between the citizens of Fort Wayne and the citizens of the sister cities. The organization that was established in 1976 extends Fort Wayne’s influence far beyond our borders and all the way into other countries!

Recently, Mayor Tom Henry and Al Moll, Director of Parks and Recreation, recently participated in the dedication of a Friendship Garden in honor of Fort Wayne’s alliance with Plock, Poland. In upcoming events, for three weeks in October FWSCI will celebrate its 4th annual film festival at the Cinema Center. A film plus native food will be offered on three successive Tuesdays and promises to be a great cultural experience! For more information about the film festival, email FWSCI at or for more information about FWSCI visit

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