Thursday, August 5, 2010

Melissa's Musings (a sneak peek into Government Affairs)

By Melissa Beber, Government Affairs Coordinator

Summer is usually a time to relax and enjoy the sun, but not for Indiana state lawmakers who are busy at work. During the summer and fall, when the General Assembly is not in session, interim study committees and commissions convene to conduct in-depth research and analysis on specific issues and report the findings during the next legislative session. 

The study committees hear testimony from experts and the public. The recommendations formed by bipartisan study committees are likely to be utilized in proposed legislation for the 2011 session. Most study committees are working with a November 1st

Study committees give lawmakers a vehicle to accomplish a comprehensive examination of issues that cannot be completed during the busy regular session. Topics studied during the 2010 interim range from redistricting to a statewide smoking ban. Below is a list of study committees the Allen County state legislators are members of:

  • Census Data Advisory Committee
  • Committee on Child Care
  • Health Finance Commission
  • Indiana State Fair Advisory Committee
  • Legislative Council     
  • Legislative Council Personnel Subcommittee
  • Joint Study Committee on Mass Transit and Transportation Alternatives
  • Commission on Military and Veterans Affairs
  • Regulatory Flexibility Committee
  • Interim Study Committee on School Funding Formula
  • Interim Study Committee on Education
For a complete list of interim study committees and schedule of meetings click here

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