Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feet on the Street: Savor the Flavor

By Teresa Royer, Member Relations Specialist 

Lately, I have found myself becoming a regular at The Savory Dish located in Georgetown Square.  It started out when Arturo (the owner) invested in a Chamber membership shortly after they opened.

I began having lunch there from time-to-time during the work week, but have lately been to dinner and breakfast on the weekends – good food, great prices, and the friendly neighborhood feel keep me coming back for more!

My daughter’s friend, Hashem, recently paid us a visit on a Saturday. The three of us went out to breakfast – and I suggested the Savory Dish, of course.

Hashem is from Valparaiso, Indiana and a recent Valparaiso University grad – however, his family is from Syria.  Hashem interned for Congressman Pete Visclosky in Washington, D.C.  While in D.C. he said he went to Ray’s Hell Burger and had one of the best burgers of his life. He immediately had an epiphany to start a burger blog. BTW Ray’s Hell Burger is the same restaurant where President Obama recently ordered burgers with President Medvedev of Russia.

Well, I learned that Hashem is a major burger enthusiast.

That’s when my daughter said, “oh man, we should have brought you here for dinner!”  The reason she said that was because The Savory Dish has a dinner menu item called, The Ultimate Burger.  Hashem, being the burger enthusiast he is, should most definitely try it and of course blog about it.

Well, he will be leaving for Syria soon to visit family, but we made plans to catch up when he returns to visit Fort Wayne again, and try The Ultimate Burger at the Savory Dish.

Hashem made a comment that stuck with me during our conversation, “Fort Wayne seems to be a constantly booming city.” --- He got the impression in his very short visit that there seemed to be a lot going on in and around the city.  I must say, I hear similar comments quite often during conversation with visitors or recent “transplants” to Fort Wayne. Don’t you?  Makes me proud to be a Fort Wayne native!

So, I look forward to Hashem’s return and taking him to The Savory Dish once again – but this time for dinner. 

The good news is we lucky residents in Fort Wayne don’t have to wait to try out The Ultimate Burger or any other menu item at The Savory Dish!  You can find out more about them at:   http://www.thesavorydish.net/

And you can visit Hashem’s burger blog at:  http://theburgerbloggers.com/

P.S. Feel free to comment on his blog, he likes that! While you’re at it, feel free to comment on mine too!

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Hashem Rifai said...

Thank you for this article. I love burgers and a good place to eat. I'll check it out the next time I'm in Fort Wayne.