Thursday, July 15, 2010

Take Advantage of your full Return On Investment!

We're constantly trying to improve the member experience at the Chamber, and what could be more important than understanding your member benefits so that you can fully utilize them? 

Every Chamber member needs to know just what they receive as a 
return on their investment in Chamber membership! That's why we have developed a piece specifically designed to enable each Chamber member to fully utilize their membership benefits.

Membership ROI
is a booklet that contains information on each department of the Chamber, as well as a detailed breakdown of each Chamber benefit. Learn how you can take advantage of Chamber events and workshops, discounts, resources, and more. The goal? To help you make money, save money, and have a voice! Download a copy of Membership ROI here. Or, request the piece by email or in print form by contacting Joanna Jessup at (260) 424-1435.

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