Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lutheran Life Villages Receives Special Gift for Residents

As they say, “It pays to advertise.” 

That's just what Chamber member Lutheran Life Villages found out when one of the retirement community’s recent TV spots caught the attention of Fort Wayne businessman Keith Robinson. 

The TV ad depicts residents of Lutheran Life Villages participating in a variety of activities aimed at promoting their overall health and well-being. The part that piqued Robinson’s interest showed residents pursuing their hobbies in the community’s workshop.

The workshop is also Robinson’s milieu during his downtime. As founder and principal of Resource Financial, Robinson helps individuals and companies with financial and insurance planning. But he’s happiest when surrounded by sawdust, sandpaper, and shellac in his own home woodworking shop, where he makes furniture, home accessories, and toys. 

"I don’t golf or hunt,” Robinson says. “Woodworking is the way I relax.”

Robinson had just updated his shop at home when he saw the commercial for Lutheran Life Villages. “The ad showed several guys working on what looked to be some antiquated equipment in the workshop,” Robinson says. “I had just bought some new equipment for my shop at home, and I was planning on selling my old equipment locally or on eBay.

“After I saw that ad, I thought, why not donate it to Lutheran Life Villages, where people would probably get more use out of it than someone I might sell it to? I’m sure that many, many men—and maybe some ladies, too—will use it there.” 

Robinson’s gift to Lutheran Life Villages included some serious woodworking equipment with a combined value of approximately $5,000: a 10-inch cabinet table saw, a 6-inch jointer, a bandsaw, and a 15-inch wood planer.

The gift fits like a dado joint, says Bruce Blalock, president and CEO of Lutheran Life Villages. “We can’t thank Keith enough for this generous donation of equipment. Our workshop is the place to be for many of our residents, and these professional-grade tools will enable them to take their talents to a new level."

“Our workshop is just one of the countless ways we provide our residents with programs and activities that promote their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being,” Blalock adds.

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