Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Insights from the New VP

By Michelle Merritt, VP Member Relations & Communications

With 7 weeks complete at the Chamber I've realized that some of the lessons that apply to my work life actually come from my personal life.  I spent part of my holiday weekend in Cincinnati at my sister, Bernadette's, wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding celebrating a wonderful couple.  During the ceremony, the Deacon said these words, "Genesis is not a moment in time but a something that happens every moment".  That was a beautiful sentiment for her wedding but it also ties into what we do every day at the Chamber.

I've shared how much I enjoy the ever changing pace at the Chamber.  I believe the reason why it’s so appealing to me is that with every change there's a new beginning.  Each day at the Chamber presents new challenges, new opportunities, new relationships to foster, & new beginnings to enjoy.  Much like each of you, our days are filled with new beginnings that provide us tremendous opportunities to showcase what we do best. 

The hard part of course is remembering to view challenges as opportunities & chaotic schedules as opportunities for Genesis to happen.  Genesis really is a matter of seeing opportunity in every moment to start fresh and start anew.  It’s how we move ahead in business & as a community.  It’s what we’re working on daily at the Chamber & what I’m learning to appreciate in every interaction with you, our member.

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