Friday, July 30, 2010

Global Conference on Orthopedics Industry Comes to Fort Wayne

If you or someone you know is in the orthopedic technology/manufacturing sector, this post is for you! The call also goes out to orthopedic suppliers, and surgeons and hospital leadership (gee, if only we had an extensive medical community in Fort Wayne!). 

The Fifth Annual Orthopedic Design & Technology (ODT) Conference & Exhibition is coming to Fort Wayne September 22-23 at the Grand Wayne. This is a global event. That's right - global. The conference offers a dynamic opportunity for attendees to network and learn from OEM industry leaders, orthopedic surgeons, hospital leadership, select suppliers and service providers. It brings together orthopedic finished goods manufacturers, suppliers and surgeons for networking, general sessions, panel discussions, targeted conference sessions and select exhibitors.

Highlights this year will include a live surgery broadcast and in-depth panel discussions on topics including hospital and surgeon reimbursements, and barriers to entering the market.

This is only a tiny sampling of what will take place at this two-conference! Learn more and find registration information here

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