Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trine Receives Competitive Energy Efficiency Grant

Good news for Chamber member Trine University. They have been awarded an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) which will be used for energy efficiency upgrades to Hershey Hall by means of a boiler replacement project. Trine went through a competitive application process to receive this grant, and they were awarded the maximum amount of $100,000.

EECBG assists eligible entities (like Trine) in creating and implementing strategies to reduce fossil fuel emissions in a manner that is environmentally sustainable. The program also aims to reduce the total energy use of those entities, increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and energy costs through efficiency improvements, and create new jobs and increased productivity to spur economic growth and community development (we're all for that!).

Trine is an internationally recognized, private, independent, co-educational institution. They offer a wide variety of programs and degrees including associate, baccalaureate, and masters.

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