Monday, August 3, 2009

EFCA Battles Continue –Bayh Targeted

(photo caption: Senator Evan Bayh discussing EFCA with Chamber member Dan Starr of Do It Best Corp. on the Chamber’s DC Fly-In [June 2009].)

Today begins a month-long campaign designed to bring about a “No” vote from Senator Evan Bayh on the so-called Employee Free Choice Act. The campaign, during the Congressional August recess, includes the use of 117 billboards, hundreds of radio ads and a web site,, urging the public to communicate with Senator Bayh and require that he vote “no” on EFCA, in whatever form it may appear in the U.S. Senate. The Economic Freedom Alliance, a midwestern manufacturing federal 527 organization, is the center for the campaign, with support of IMA and many manufacturers and other business in the state. It also coordinated efforts in several other states to move the votes of senators and representatives in those places.

This all-out effort to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act will become visible today. Senator Bayh – a 2007 co-sponsor of the EFCA legislation – move to a position of opposition in 2009. You can get information on the legislation and Bayh’s position thus far.

When The Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce visited Senator Bayh on this issue earlier this year in DC, he refused to commit to voting against EFCA legislation and also seemed sympathetic to a compromise. Bayh co-authored identical legislation in 2007. The Chamber opposes this legislation and any compromise.

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